Purple Show Make up 2017

Harlequin Show make up:

As always students require a full body tan (you can buy wash off stuff from wilkos or get a fake tan done if easier for you)  the idea is that you look  like you have been abroad for a holiday, so that when the white stage lights hit - you look alive and healthy and not like a ghost!!!.  Inters and seniors MUST wear fishnets not bare legs please - they must be Capezio Seam free and American Tan colour.

Make up Must be worn on stage to emphasise the students features (particularly the eyes) which dissappear under strong lights - every member of the school should look identical, so you may need to practise.  Harlequin Make -up required as illustrated on the photo and poster shown above / below.

 Make up products required: Maybelline Colour Tatoo- Endless purple, Maxfactor shadow pots - Vicious Purple, Max Factor Precision eyeshadow - Pearl beige,  Blusher MUA Bon Bon & Lipstick MUA Red shade 1.  You will also need black eyeliner and N Black waterproof Mascara.  It is preferable that Senior students wear  false Eye Lashes.   WE, as a school do not glitter up... so no body, hair eye or lip glitter please........


Venue Booked: Monday March 12th - Sunday March 18th these dates include tech runs, dress runs and all show dates - please keep this week free!

Final Running Order!!  To Be Arranged

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SENIORS:  Left side parting into French Pleat  (attach curly pony where relevant)

INTERS:  (Thursday Upper & Tuesday Lower ) Left side parting into Right side low bun (attach curly wig where applicable)

JUNIORS:  ( Wednesday / Sat ) Centre parting french plaits to low side bun on right (attach curly wig where applicable) 

JUVENILES:  (Monday Modern and Acro  Sat stupid cupid Wildflowers lyr) Half up Half down curly ringlets for Tap and Lyrical, Curly pony tail for Modern and bun for Acro & Ballet - bun should be high bun not seen from front and no bun rings please! Dont brush out the ringlets - just scrunch them up into bun shape with hair net.


PREPS / MINIS: Centre parting front section of hair  to be bobbled at high sides rest of hair ringleted.  will be placed into 2 buns for any acro curly pig tails for modern, plaits or (sausages)  over for Ballet) 

Babes -

2017 show make up (purple and proud)

Erm.....How Can They See With Sequins In Their Eyes?

SHOW 2018 (Number 17) INFORMATION

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SHOW DEPOSITS DUE IN SATURDAY 6th January 2018 (£15 per costume)


If you are usure of any of our procedures please feel free to ask miss Lauren.  Many Thanks. 

Please make a note in your diary of the  following Show & Rehearsal Dates (be sure to arrive on site one hour before the curtain up with Hair & make up done):

Rehearsals Dates: Monday 12th, Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th times and groups to be confirmed


Show 1  Thursday  15th  March 2018  Belper School (students required 5.30 - 10pm approx)  Performance starts at 6.30pm (arrive on site at 5.30pm hair & Make-up done)

Show 2  Friday 16th  March 2018 Belper School (students required 5.30 - 10pm approx)  Performance starts at 6.30pm (arrive on site at 5.30pm hair & Make-up done)

+ Show 3   Sunday 18th  March 2018 Performance 4.00pm (arrive on site 3pm Hair & Make -up done)

Venue:  Belper School - Evening / Matinee Performances.   Show performances times to be confirmed but will be approx 6.30pm  and approx 4.00pm (Sun)  - depending on length of show when complete.... (students please be on site one hour before the show is due to commence.   Audience will be allowed into the venue approx 25 mins before curtain up!

COSTUME HIRE CHARGES & DEPOSITS:  Your initial deposits (which are non returnable) for costume hire for Harlequins Annual Show 2017 DEPOSIT Is £15 per costume.  Your money is  required by Saturday 6th  January 2018.  The balancing payment for hire of costumes will be payable by Saturday  10th March 2017.    Total costume hire charge is expected to cost between £25  - £40  approx per costume (juveniles and Juniors & £30 - £45 Inters & Seniors).  This is for use in rehearsals and 3 shows.  The cost is obviously dependant upon the costume size and fabric used, whether the costume is brand new / made to order or a costume which has been used previously.....  sometimes sewing elastic, 'taking in' with tacking stitches or a little bit of decoration will be required.  Please treat these costumes with respect and do not allow your children to eat or drink coloured juices in them - they are the property of HSOPA and you will be charged for damage caused by mis use or negligence.  Thank you. 

HAIRSTYLES: (TBC) will be listed above - once i know the running order!!

Everyone - Please make sure hairstyle is well groomed, no fringes or fluffy fly away straggles please, please check and spray all childrens hair regularly.  No Jewellery or nail varnish or tatoos.  Thankyou.

VIDEO ORDERS:  This year I have once again confirmed the services of Platinum Video  (they have now moved to Wales, but have agreed to travel down).    Cash / Card & Cheque payments  will be payable directly to Platinum (the dance school does not take a cut of this money).   You can order your dvds  at the Sunday shows or place your orders afterwards via an order form.  In 2017 Mark  agreed to charge the very reasonable cost of £14.00 per unit as year 2014 & 2015 , The cost for 2018 is confirmed at £15.00 per unit.   Please remember he charges nothing to come out (unlike many companies) his fees for the service are entirely made up of the units sold - so dont forget to purchase.

SHOW HELP:   Around 3 weeks before showtime, there will be the usual tables up at the studio for you to fill in, according to when you are able to take your turn helping out with the running of the show.  This can be with dressing the children ( although no males will be allowed into the changing areas), Front of house; ushering the audience into the theatre, signing in and out of Harlequin members and helpers, backstage help such as First Aid support, Running (fetching the next group to the side of the stage) Props and general supervision of youngsters.  Please take your turn to ensure the show runs smoothly and effeciently and that every mum is able to watch their child perform should they so desire. You will only be welcome to remain in the allocated changing areas if your name (subject to numbers required per group) is on our helpers list.  We normally allow roughly one adult per 3/4 children...which is more than sufficient.  ( usually a minimum of 3 for pre juveniles and mini movers where children need a little more supervision even though they do only 1 or 2 dances.  For Health and safety 'rules n regs,' we have to keep a record of who is officially on the premises in direct relation to our use.  The venue offers multi purpose facilities (not just harlequin using the space) at any one time. You will have to leave your children in the care of your allocated helpers if you wish to enjoy the show although I am more than happy for you to help everynight if your name is on our list (again subject to numbers) Thank you....  In anticipation of your continued support in these events, miss L

FINALE REHEARSAL: -  In addition to the dates below, we will also have a finale rehearsal for the whole school date SUNDAY 11th MARCH (Mothers Day).  FINALE TIMES: 9-11am seniors / inters,  then 11.30 am - 1pm everyone.   (no make - up or costumes required... but hair should be correctly placed in a bun and dance uniform should be worn - bring joggers and hoodies for waiting around periods) 


SHOW REHEARSAL FEE:   Money for show rehearsals at the Venue are due on or before SATURDAY FEBRUARY 17th 2018 and are charged as follows:  If your child is in 3 or more dances the cost will be £25, if your child is dancing in two or less numbers the fee will be £20 (this pays for all of the rehearsals at the Belper Venue). 


Monday  March 12th approx 5.30 pm - 10pm  I need Monday grade 4&5 Ballet + Tap. Thursday 4.45 - 7pm Inters classes, all Tuesday class students & Saturday 10am Primary ballet / Monday 5.30 Acro & Primary Mod Peeps.     BELPER VENUE (children aged 8 and under will obviously not be required for the entire duration and may be collected at the reception desk and signed out at a time tba).

Tuesday March 13th approx 5.30 pm - 10pm  I need all Senior dancers, Wednesday Juniors 4-6.15pm classes, Saturday 9.15am prep grades / Thursday Prep modern classes.  & 9.15am Prejuveniles.  Friday Glee peeps.  BELPER VENUE (children aged 8 and under will obviously not be required for the entire duration and may be collected at the reception desk and signed out at a time tba).


Wednesday 14th March 2018  BELPER VENUE  whole school Required - FULL DRESS REHEASAL 5.30 (to start at 6.15) - 10.00pm.  Hair, Make-Up & Costumes Please.  (I will be rehearsing the Finale First then as per running order till the end so -once again pre- juveniles and Mini Movers and Prep grade girls will be allowed to sign out after we run their final dance.  

 date tbc              March 2018  The Belper Venue has been booked as a reserve measure, so please keep this date free until further notice. (Assume Normal classes will take place at the studio as scheduled if you do not hear otherwise)

date tbc             March 2017 - (Rehearsals as required) at the STUDIO - times to be confirmed!

All costumes always  required, as we use our technical rehearsal time to 'light the costumes and choreography' while the dancers familiarise themselves with the space available.  Hair should be tied back as for class and preferably in a bun.  Show make up not required. Please see below for attendance times. Pre - juveniles and mini movers  will not be required for the full length of time. Specific times TBA.   Im afraid as most of you know its a bit of a long process which needs to be done, so thankyou for your patience.  First job is to establish who will be changing where.  I dont know until I arrive.  *We will do the Finale as soon as everyone is on site, so you will be free to SIGN OUT once your last dance has been lit. 

JUST A NOTE: Though I am in favour of good time keeping, I would ask that you do not arrive to the Venues earlier than specified times - as other groups /activities are scheduled to conclude immediately before we commence;  our presence on site before our allocated time is not in any way advantageous,  it makes parking and co-ordination of changing areas very difficult. Many thanks for your co-operation, Miss L. 


Dance Block fees Due Again week 6  W.C  Saturday                    (please be prompt with your payments as it is an extremley busy time for Harlequin. 

Costume Balances due  by Saturday 10th March 2018 absolute latest.... Envelopes will be sent out w.c Monday 26th Feb 2018.


1. Please be aware that we have at least two children in our school with nut allergies, therefore in order to maintain a happy working environment and avoid another allergic reaction I am asking that food which contains nuts/nut products  are not brought onto either the Harlequin or Belper school premises.  Also as an extra measure if nuts are eaten prior to the reaheasale and shows please please ensure that hands are washed carefully and thoroughly in warm soapy water....

2. Children should not be eating greasy foods, chocolate or drinking any fluids other than water whilst wearing hired costumes (coloured drinks and grease stains will not budge - if garments are damaged you will be responsible for replacing them - many costumes are dry clean or specialist clean only (DO NOT WASH YOUR COSTUMES) 

Obviously i am not implying that your children may not eat and drink during rehearsals and shows - simply that they do not do so in costume.  Please do not let your child travel to and from the Venue in their outfits or wear them any place other than the dressing areas and stage.  Many thanks for your support with this matter, your co-operation will be greatly appreciated.

3. Children should stay in the dressing areas with their allocated dressers and not be allowed to run around and play games whilst on the premises.... this is not acceptable behaviour.  Please ensure your child realises that whilst i want them to have an enjoyable and fun time I need them to appreciate that rehearsal venues were not designed  for play.

4. Please ensure you collect your child promptly at the end of each rehearsal. I will never leave a child alone unattended - but (though enjoyable) these are busy and long days for all of us, and I also have a responsibility to my childcarers be home on time too.


Please print your own ticket order form (document below), fill in childs name and contact number and order your complimentary refreshment from those offered. Orders for show tickets may be placed from Monday 6th March 2017.  Please note, Your tickets will not be reserved without payment.    Seating at Belper Theatre is numbered and therefore tickets will be allocated on a first come first serve basis - so dont forget anyone.  lol.  Refunds and or exchanges will not be made once your order has been placed, so please fill in the envelope with care.  There are a few disabled access seats, but if you have an elderly relation please (get your order in early) make a note on the envelope and i will endevour to seat them on the lower seats.  Tickets will be costed at approx £13.00 and as last year this will include a complimetary interval drink.  (Please select your choice from those offered on the envelope only - do not invent your own).  As a small school we need to work hard to filll seats for 3 performances, so - Please invite all of your friends & family to come along and support your children.  There are no concessions.   Tickets will not be allocated to you until payment is received and they will be ready for collection a few days before the performance.  Cheques should be made payable to: Harlequin School Of Performing Arts. Thank you.

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Principal Harlequin SOPA Lauren Leam - Ex Professional Contortionist & Dancer

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