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Studio Hire 2022 / 2023:

Studio Booking is done via Miss L only.  The Cost is £15 per hour. Minimum hire time is 1 hour.  Your payments are now required prior to use please and YES - you still will need to pay for the studio use once booked - even if you do not use it, because I cannot then hire it out to other people. Please sort any shared hire and payments out with one nominee who should forward a singular  fee via direct banking or via cash in a sealed, dated & labelled envelope.

Competition Team 2022 / 2023

You are expected to be available for all of the listed festival dates, scheduled weekly festival classes, plus the preceeding 3 Fridays / Sundays  leading up to each festival as requested.  Please do not be half hearted or expect to be excused from festival rehearsals. Do not accept a place on the team if you can not / will not fully commit.


CHESTERFIELD FESTIVAL at Chesterfield College (February Derbyshire Half Term potentially inclusive of weekends) Week Commencing Monday 20th February 2023 to include Saturday 25th For Troupes  with an over spill for Sunday 26th.

SYMPHONY DANCE FESTIVAL (May 2023 Two Weekends) Provisionally 14th, 20th  & 21st May 2023

KINGS SUMMER FESTIVAL OF DANCE (last two weekends in June 2023 and the first weekend in July 2023) Provisionally 17th & 18th June, 24th & 25th June plus 1st & 2nd July (the preceeding fridays are always kept as overspill dates)

MIDLANDS TROUPE DAY FESTIVAL (October 15th & 16th 2022) Repton Hall School                                                

Principal Harlequin SOPA Lauren Leam - Ex Professional Contortionist & Dancer

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