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Harlequin School Of Dance & Performing Arts is fortunate in having a team of highly committed staff; Principal and Founder Lauren Leam, Three Student Teachers trained at the school and a number of Class Assistants.  Allow us to introduce them to you on this page.

Lauren Leam 

Founder and Principal of Harlequin School Of Dance & Performing Arts 1999.    2:1 class BA (HONS) Degree in Dance & Related Arts A.I.D.T.A. Trained initially at Hilda Davis School Of Dance (ISTD syllabus) and further 3 years training at London College of Dance.  PBT certified, Acrotrix Cert.  First Aid Qualified, Enhansed DSB checked.


Miss Lauren endevours to know every registered child by name and to monitor every individuals progress within class on a weekly basis wherever possible. 'Big Miss L'  mainly teaches students in the upper school; Grade 1 - Advanced 2 levels in Core subjects of Ballet, Modern, Tap, Theatre Craft and of course Acrobatic Dance.  As Principal and owner of Harlequin SOPA, Miss Lauren oversees the running of the whole school; including the inevitable paperwork, social media, finances, sourcing and odering costumes & uniforms.  Miss Lauren also  teaches weekly scheduled classes, as well as masterminding the majority of the choreography for Show work & Harlequin Competition Team work -  including Troupes, Duet &  and Solo dances.  She will however still be available to discuss any queries via telephone between 10.00am and 2.00pm Mon - Fri or in person on a Saturday when  on site  and  not engaged in a class.... it is best to try and make an appointment as it is always extremely busy on a Saturday. 

Specialist areas:

Ex Professional Dancer Acrobat and Contortionist

Telephone number:  07768 765709   Email: harlequindanceschool@gmail.com

Facebook page: @Harlequin Alfreton  Instagram: #harlequindanceschool


Charlotte Carridice 

Pre-Assocciate IDTA. Student Teacher. Trained at H.S.O.P.A in Ballet, Theatre Craft, Modern and Acrobatic Dance.  Miss Charlotte has trained with Miss Lauren (Principal and founder of Harlequin)  since the age of 6.  She has always  gained fantastic grades in IDTA Examinations upto and including Advanced 2 Ballet.  Charlotte has also had the opportunity to perform in many shows and compete as part of the 'Harlequin Competition Team' up and down the country. She continues to train for other Advanced level dance certificates alongside further teaching qualifications at Harlequin and therefore knows the current syllabus work requirements inside-out!  Miss Charlotte is ultra flexible and a stickler for technical precision.  She also has an amazing rapport with the children she teachers and the patience level of a saint. 



Rosalia Pilsworth Introducing Miss Rosy.... our Contemporary Teacher.

Rosalia's training also began here at Harlequin School Of Dance & Performing Arts studying, Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Theatre craft & Acrobatic Dance.  After achieving numerous qualifications under the IDTA Examination board in each of these subjects,  Rosy went on to further her training and graduated from Edge Hill University with a 1st class BA Degree in Dance with Aerial Performance.  Since then she has performed professionally across the Midlands with companies such as Avanti display company, Adaire to Dance & 7 Theatre.  At present, we are lucky enough to have Rosalia working at Harlequin as a freelance Dance Teacher.  Rosy teaches the Contemporary Dance for beginners and more advanced students.  

(Cover  Teacher)  Hannah Kerridge,  Pre Associate IDTA. Trained at Harlequin SOPA since the age of 3 Ballet, Tap, Theatre Craft, Modern Jazz and Acrobatic Dance (with 2 years of further education  at college concurrently studying Performing arts including Dance, Drama and Musical theatre).  Miss Hannah has always gained excellent grades in all IDTA Examinations taken at Harlequin and is now very keen to continue to further her Teaching Certificates alongside studing Intermediate and Advanced 1 levels of  Dance.  Hannah recently returned from an overseas contract as an entertainer / Performer where she performed in Pantos, cabaret sets and dance shows.   We are lucky to have Hannah as part of our team she covers classes as and when required.  She is very technically aware and also  is responsible for a large part of the motivation behind our more recently introduced  Musical Theatre Syllabus.  


Our  Class Assistants are:  Wednesdays only - Laura.   Saturdays Laura,  Lauren, Holly & Amelia V are  always there with a helping hand and friendly smile, learning the ropes 'in-house' sorting registers, musical equipment and demonstrating or joining in exercises..... Although this is a highly valued and important role where students gain classroom experience, it is also a voluntaray position within our school so you can be sure that our 'tiniest feet' are in 'good hands' at all times! Please feel free to leave monies due to Harlequin with these girls or my teachers for safe delivery to Miss L.




Principal Harlequin SOPA Lauren Leam - Ex Professional Contortionist & Dancer

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Telephone: 07768 765709

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